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Personalized Easter Baskets at KooKoo Bear Kids


Personalized Easter Baskets

Easter is right around the corner and personalized easter baskets  are so cute and practical. These baskets are perfect for one or more children when having a family Easter Egg Hunt. This way they will know exactly which basket is for them! So, check out these Easter Baskets and don’t forget to order early they are a big hit this season.  Just go to KooKoo Bear Kids for yours.

KooKoo Bear Kids Catalog Goes Green


kookoo bear kids online catalog

As we all become more green and concerned about the environment KooKoo Bear Kids has taken a big step in going green by putting their world famous kids catalog on line, saving tons of paper and the energy to deliver them.  Now instead of requesting a catalog waiting for it to arrive in the U.S Mail they have given customers the option to just click and shop on-line. So, as we all ask what can my family do today to help? Well not only do we think we can help, Oprah aired a special with tips and a guide to help you along.  Here are a few ideas to Living Green and Oprah’s favorite green things you can do as a smart shopper at the grocery store; paper bags not plastic, buy recycled aluminum foil which requires one-twentieth the energy of non recycled foil, if you must buy plastic disposable plates look for 100% recycled plastic, buy organic produce because it doesn’t use pesticides, it uses less energy and it’s actually healthier for you.   To celebrate Earth Day, April 22, lets make going green more then just a fad lets make it part of your life.  Companies are creating green collar jobs and using solar panels and wind turbines to create energy. So, lets all implement just one green idea to help fight global warming, start today by making a small change, it easy and you can do it.  Also, let’s make sure teach the kids to do their part.

Another Holiday Season Comes to a Close.


Winter Apparel Green Floral Loungewear

It is that time of year again when the return isles at department stores reach their peak. Bargains galore on Christmas decor and overstock on childrens’ toys is all too common. KooKoo Bear Kids is no exception. With mark downs on holiday gifts up to 50% off and many other quality discounted items available on their website. Enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home while others scramble to find the best deals at the Mall. With that said don’t hurry to return unwanted or damaged merchandise, instead find a deal that you can’t live without. Or find that perfect gift at a great price for next year’s holiday season.